I like to watch anime, play video games, run, go for hikes with my wife, and play football (with my feet). I used to spend way too much time programming for the sake of programming, but lately I’d rather glue a few tools from https://startupresources.io together and see what I get.

When it comes to career activity, I enjoy my current work environment, because it teaches me life skills like patience, prioritization, and positivity while granting me plenty of time for self-study.

My background includes:

  • Frontend development with emberjs and ES6
  • Backend development in PythonnodejsPHP, and C# (order of familiarity)
  • OSS development in golang
  • CI pipeline creation with JenkinsTravis CI and GoCD
  • Cloud architecture on AWS including most of their popular services: ALBWAFAPI GatewayLambdaTranscribeInspectorCloudtrailAuto Scaling, etc
  • Immutable infrastructure with docker and AWS AMIs
  • Security implementation as a PCI Professional